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At a dogshow in Soltau, Germany, 2010. From left to right: Sieger’s Aida, Sieger’s One Never Knows and Sieger’s Bluffing And Betting.

My first encounter with an English springer spaniel was at 3 years when my mother brought home a brown/white bundle of joy from Mogens & Birthe Hansen, Kennel Bardo. We knew her as Sasha and she was my confidant for years to come.

It took 5 years from having said goodbye to Sasha in 1995 until I bought my very first own springer in 2000. She was given the pet name Nushka and came from kennel Sieger’s where she was known as Sieger’s Aida.

Nushka – as well as my quite competitive nature – spurred my interest in the dog world and before long I was participating in dog shows, obedience trials, field trials and even got a hunter’s license.


At a trial with “Ayoe” Sieger’s Bluffing And Betting

More dogs followed and in 2012 I got my own prefix and my very first own litter of English Springer Spaniels. Up till 2013 the house (or more correctly: the 2nd floor flat) and sofa was filled with dogs but due to personal circumstances I no longer had the time needed to keep an ESS happy and content.

The dogs moved to new owners but I am lucky to still have co-ownership on a small handful of them. Each and every dog is loved to bits in their new homes and I feel blessed to have found them such amazing new friends.

I am planning on getting another springer spaniel and also planning a litter in cooperation with those I am lucky enough to co-own dogs with.