Avida ESS

Dedicated breeder of dual purpose
english springer spaniels for active families.

English springer spaniels bred in Copenhagen, Denmark. Show type springer spaniels bred with love and dedication for temperament and type.

puppies expected early 2024

who we are

what we do and why we do it

At ‘Avida’ the we is a mix of us and me.

Confused? I hope not. But let me clarify; We is me and my family. Everything to do with the dogs are my hobby and my interest. My husband Kenneth and our kids absolutely love and adore our four-legged family members. And kindly lend me a helping hand when needed. 

Showing, working, walking, grooming, feeding, breeding etc. is all on me. But none of it could be done without the support and help of the family.

That’s why it at times is me mentioned in the text and at other times it is us. 

our dogs

those who live here and those who used to

the english springer spaniel

a dog of many talents


The springer is an excellent working dog used to spring game and retrieve after the shoot. It is a breed that is eager to please.


Social, friendly, and easy going. An English springer spaniel loves to be the absolute center of attention.


As beautiful as it is sweet. No wonder the springer spaniel is to be found on top of the podium at most dog shows.

Owner of English Springer Spaniels since 1982
– I was 3 years old and the English Springer Spaniel that sparked a lifelong love for the breed was called Sasha. 

In 2012 I became a certified breeder under the Danish Kennel Club,
got my kennel name and bred my first English Springer Spaniel litter under the ‘Avida’ affix.

puppies expected january 2024