A weekend and 2.000 km – that’s a date

A weekend and 2.000 km – that’s a date

When nature says it’s time – nothing to do but up and and at ’em. 

At least when you’re planning for an exciting litter of English springer spaniel puppies.  

Only the best

Planning a litter is meticulous work.

Hours spend on Facebook, homepages, and trawling pedigrees and databases. All in the interest of finding the best male. The one best suited for your bitch. The one that will make the best possible springer spaniels of the next generation. 

The male chosen for this litter is the wonderful “Jay” Glarmorly Ginnie The Pooh. Finnish bred, Polish owned. Most important to me is temperament and health. Then we can discuss looks and working abilities. Jay checks off the first two but as owner Aga says, she regrets never having worked with him, as he shows great potential. He loves carrying toys and is eager to please. 

Most importantly he has the most wonderful character. Loving and funny. I got loads of attention from him the time I was there. And he made it very clear, why he was the best choice for this litter. 

That’s why I embarked on a 2.000 km return in the course of a weekend; To meet up with Jay and owners near beautiful Wroclaw. 


If everything goes according to plan

We’ll be welcoming a litter of beautiful and funny English springer spaniel puppies late January 2023.

From 28 days after mating it is possible to do a pregnancy scan. Often needless as you’ll be able to visibly confirm pregnancy within another week or so. But sometimes the curiosity takes the better of me and I do the scan. 

Not sure which which it will be this time… But take a guess ;). Ask me now and it is a definitive ‘no’. Ask me in about 3 weeks…

Pedigree 2023 litter

Interested in a puppy after from this litter? Let me know 🙂