1, 2… many puppies

1, 2… many puppies

Yes, I know I can’t control nature. And yes, I knew Tinka would most likely give birth a few days before her due date. But honestly I was taken by surprise when a whooping total of 9 puppies were born almost 6 days ahead of time. 

Leaving me no time to finish up the projects I optimistically had thought could be long done and over with before the puppy arrival. 

Wonder if I’ll ever learn not to constantly have 2-3 projects ongoing simultaneously. Probably not. 

Oh, well. All is fine and… Well; well. 

It is a lovely bunch of pups. No fuss. For now. Tinka is taking great care of them and they are growing rapidly.

3 days after birth we began the Biosensor programme which we’ll be conduction from the puppies are 3 days old and until they’re 16 days old.